Recover from Error

If for some errors the NAS will not boot (blinking led) and You cannot connect to it via ssh, the last possibility is to correct the problem using an sata to usb ad2apter and connect the HDs to a linux pc.

In this manner is also possible to recover the Data inside, and you will not lost all your backup!

Recover Data

Once connected the disk to usb run dmesg and find out wich device-id it gets. In this case we assume it gets 'sdb'.

Open a console and type:

fdisk /dev/sdb

Check with p<enter> the list of partitions you will get two partitions.

Exit fdisk with q<enter>

The first one contains the recovery system.
The second one is an LVM partition, it contains two volumes one with the running system, the other with the backup data.

In order to mount the Data partition, we have to first create a broken RAID1 set:

mdadm --create /dev/md0 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdb2 missing

then mount the lvm partitions (see for reference).


it will list all lvm partitions:

some like this…

PV         VG         Fmt  Attr PSize   PFree 
  /dev/md1   md1_vg lvm2 a-   929.57G    0

you can than list the logical volumes with:

lvdisplay /dev/md1_vg

it will display a list of logical volumes.

the one we are looking for is the bigger.
So let's mount it!

mkdir /tmp/data
mount /dev/md1_vg/md1vol2 /tmp/data

then You can browser your backup freely in /tmp/data.

Try to fix your system

If You wanna try to fix the system, mount the first volume as we done for the data and edit it.

Once finished, unmount and put the hd back in iomega nas alone.
if it boots then we need to manually wipe out the other disk removing the lvm partition, so connect it to sata adapter.

fdisk /dev/sdb

use p<enter> to get the partition list.

use d <id><enter> to remove the second partition (the bigger one)

then w<enter> to write partition table.

Remove the disk and put it in the nas.

Boot up the nas and connect via web and go to the Dashboard. If the Status only reads 'Data Protection is being reconstructed', then the IX2-200 will have made the second partition and you are done. Enjoy your (new disks inside your) ix2-200. However, read the following step if the Status also reports that two disks with existing data have been found and if this message does not disappear after a minute.

If you get the message that two disks have been found with existing data with a blue circle with a white 'i' in it next to the message, do not click the message to initialize the disks.

Instead of initializing the disks, go to Settings -> Disks -> Manage Disks -> Erase Disks. Enable the check box at the top, select Quick Erase and click Apply. The ix2-200 will reboot after 30 seconds.

Recovery from a bricked system.

If you need to start from scratch (like for install two new hd) follow the informations at

If you need to recover from a bad NAND flash using a USB to serial connector, follow the directions at